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Long Term Care News & Updates

 Focus on Infection & Ventilator Pilot Surveys


​CMS is conducting an Infection Control Pilot Project in facilities that care for ventilator dependent residents. This unannounced on-site pilot survey focuses primarily in the area of Infection Control and is based on the new Long-Term Care regulations. A Contracted surveyor and infection preventionist from Healthcare Management Solutions (HMS) conducts the survey, which is intended to be educational, meaning there will be no CMS-2567 created and no citations issued; however if an IJ is identified, official survey activities could be initiated. Please see the link below for a copy of the entrance letter for this pilot survey which provides more details.

Also we have heard that across the state facilities are seeing more infection control review in general. Some of this is seen in regular surveys, with what seem to be an increased focus on handwashing, alcohol rubs, glucometers, etc. In other instances, facilities have seen epidemiology coming in and reviewing infection control issues, but then sending it over to DOH/CMS if there are egregious issues found.

After speaking to one of our legal counsels, Paula Sanders, it was recommended that members review the CDC guidelines on handwashing best practices which can be found here:

HMS Entrance Letter - Infection Control for Vents